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  • I never pamper myself.

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  • I pamper myself once/year or less.

    7 23.33%
  • I pamper myself regularly.

    8 26.67%
  • I don't pamper myself as much as I'd like because of time.

    10 33.33%
  • I don't pamper myself as much as I'd like because of the cost.

    9 30.00%
  • I don't pamper myself as much as I'd like because I don't want to.

    3 10.00%
  • Obligatory other

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    *Hair cut every 8-10 weeks (no color)

    *Bikini, and brow w/sugar wax monthly (I started the bikini wax on a regular basis just over a year ago and I wonder why I ever stopped, I used to get it done sporadically pre kids in my 20s....I have been brow waxing monthly since I was 18)

    *pedicures every 3-4 weeks, sometimes I will go as long as 6 weeks. I do this all year because one week I could be wearing boots and the next week sandals or wedges.

    *dip manicures for special occasions....I really love dip manicures but I canít have them on all the time. I went monthly for four months from December to March this past year and my nails needed a good month or two to recover. I did it for my vacation in June, but I wonít do it again until probably Christmas. As much as I want to do it monthly I always feel like I want to see my own nails again.

    *gymóneed to go 3 to 4 times weekly, but I really need to work on that!

    *I donít get facials or massages. I did get a massage on our cruise and it was amazing and I could see myself doing it maybe once or twice a year.

    *I buy good quality makeup, skincare, and hair care products so I definitely splurge in that department.

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    Hair cut and colored every 6 weeks, religiously.
    Pedicures every 4-6 weeks, I go when either my nails get too long or the polish is starting to peel. I don't really enjoy them, but I enjoy the result of having nicely done toes without having to do it myself.
    Manicures - would love to do these, but even with the gel polish they only last a week or two and I can't afford to go that often!

    Those are pretty much the only pampering things I do for myself.
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    Hair cut every 6 weeks (I wear it short so I have to go regularly) and highlight every 3rd cut.

    Gel polish manicure every 3 weeks (I love how my nails looked polished and at home polish doesn't last more than 2 gel lasts 3 weeks).

    Massage and/or facial...maybe once a year but only if I get a GC from DH.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2khj View Post
    Manicures - would love to do these, but even with the gel polish they only last a week or two and I can't afford to go that often!
    Agreed! I love the way my hands look and feel after a manicure, but regular polish last about 2 days for me, and the gel polish lasts about a week, so it isn't sustainable for me to have it done all the time. I do it every once in a while (less than once a year) for special occasions.
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    The only things I put into the "pampering" category are messages, facials, and spa visits. I do none of these because I don't care for them, don't get a big return on or don't want to waist the time.

    Everything else is standard non negotiable maintenance that gets done on a monthly or 10 week basis:
    highlight and hair cut, brows, waxing, manicures (hate pedis and do my own), makeup and skin care purchases, clothing and shoe purchases, dermatology appts every 6 months and botox here and there.

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    I agree that much of what you listed isn't pampering - it's maintenance. Whether you do it yourself or someone does it for you, it needs to get done. I get my hair cut/colored every 7 weeks (single process to cover grays). Mani/pedi once a month or so (don't get polish on fingernails b/c it chips; only for toes). Waxing every 6 weeks. I dye my own eyebrows and lashes every 4 weeks or so.

    Don't do facials or massages unless on a girls trip or something like that (last one was 10 years ago) - I do consider facials and massages pampering.

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    I don't do much of that list at all.

    Hair cut every 1-2 years or so. I grow it and cut it when I'm tired of it. I've never colored it.

    I've had a handful of pedicures, but not in a few years. I don't really enjoy them, so don't feel pampered to get it.

    I've never had a manicure and do not paint my nails. I've never had a facial either.

    I do enjoy massages and try to get them 2-3 times a year. And I like to get together with friends. I have lunch with 2 regularly and dinner with another about once a month.

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    I get my hair cut about once a year. I got my nails done once but it's not my thing so I don't do that at all. I do go the chiro weekly but I don't consider that pampering, most like changing the oil so the car keeps running. I don't do facials or massages. I do watch tv, read books, and go shopping which I consider to be treats for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by petesgirl View Post
    OMG!! You would die if you saw me, I guess.
    So far this calendar year I have had one haircut.
    I got a pedicure last summer.
    That's all I've done on your list of things to make a person look normal.

    I also wear flip flops a lot and I don't care one single bit whether my toes are done, I know most people feel differently though and would think I'm gross.
    No! Some looks are just more high maintenance than others. Everybody is different. My brows donít grow much so I donít even pluck or really even need to. But I do highlight my hair because itís part of my look! I have beautiful friends that are much lower maintenance than I am, and friends that are much higher... itís fun to find the balance that makes you happy.

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    OP here. Wow, this thread has been so eye-opening! I'm with petesgirl--I'm like a man compared to most of you! I get a pedicure 1-2/year when I want polish on my toes for a beach vacation, but otherwise just trim my own toenails. I don't bother polishing them myself.

    I pluck my own eyebrows when I notice hair growing beneath my brows (once/month?). I don't wax. I get a manicure maybe once every 2-3 years (for special events like a wedding) because I use my hands for everything and always mess up a manicure on the same day. I only trim my hair 2/year or so (sometimes less). It's a convenient shoulder-length with long layers cut. I only wear makeup 1-2/year (for my annual family photo shoots and special events). Fortunately, I live in a very informal part of the country and work in a setting where women do NOT wear "full faces" of makeup. Most women I know wear some lipstick/lipgloss and maybe mascara, but it's always a very natural look.

    I figure I save a ton of money (and time!) being so low maintenance. I do view pedicures, massages, and facials as pampering time, not "maintenance" because I don't see those as necessary at all.

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