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    Quote Originally Posted by TwinFoxes View Post
    Moto jacket is a faux motocycle jacket.

    I completely disagree with your view that misogynists came up with not wearing tights/hose. Throwing out hose was women-driven. I agree with wear what you want, but the number of corporate dress codes that forced women to wear pantyhose on 100 degree days was ridiculous. It was a big step forward for women when we could say you know what, I don't want to wear something just because you can't handle a bare leg. A friend of mine worked at Knott's Berry Farm and she got written up for not wearing hose in 100 degrees when she worked at the funnel cake stand. This was back when Knott's had a Wild West theme so she was wearing a long prairie skirt as part of her uniform...but still had to wear hose because of the ridiculous dress code.

    The first TOP Shop jacket for 47.xx is very cute! I wear mine ALL THE TIME! It's a great piece to have.

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    Default Shoes/sandals/hose for cocktail party?

    I would wear those shoes with a Boden jersey dress, and a nice pedicure but not with tights or nylons. I am 42 and have wide fussy feet as well, but I wouldnít wear those with a cocktail dress. If your feet arenít too wide look at Naturalizer they have some nice dressy styles with more contemporary looking heels that are still comfortable.

    I live in Southern California and will wear tights with a skirt with sweater or sweater set or a wrap dress and a stacked heel boot or loafer. I havenít routinely worn a pair of nylons unless it is for an interview in about 10 years. I remember buying a black pair for my grandpaís funeral in 2009 and then a nude pair in 2012 to my grandmaís funeral with a Boden jersey wrap dress that reminded me of my grandma. My sister is 32 and routinely wears nylons with shorter dresses though especially somewhere she knows my mom will be because she still thinks my mom will make comments if she isnít wearing nylons....I have never once heard my mom make a comment about it. She always wears closed toed shoes with them.

    If you are really concerned about being cold I would look for an al long sleeve wrap dress and some tights and then maybe some booties or a closed toed wedge heel. I like the picture that essnce posted but that seems casual for a cocktail party imho. I agree a moto jacket if you donít want to do a wrap or a shawl is great. I still like shawls but I know I am in the minority on that one (there was a post a few months back about it).

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