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    Default Hormonal weight gain?

    I've been seeing this come up more frequently and wonder if that is real thing a if that is what I am experiencing? Is that basically the same thing as going through peri/menopause? Or is there a secret that I am missing?

    I'm 45 and been getting more of a tummy than I ever had before. It's super frustrating. So many suggestions, but not sure what to do. I also feel like I don't really "know" my body ( I guess i've been fortunate to not have many issues in the past), so not clear on what works for me and what doesn't. I've cut down significantly on carbs - no real difference. Tried IF - not very helpful. I probably need to cut down on sugar - my real vice. I limit my dairy to yogurt, cheese and the occasional ice cream. Exercise used to just wash away all the fat - no longer. All my tests have come back within normal range.

    Is this just part of getting older? What have you ladies done to combat this?

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    Itís definitely a thing! I am in the same boat. I gained 10 pounds last summer during a move and death of my father and it has been so hard to get it off. I eat clean, have done Whole 30, go to gym and do hard classes (spin, HIIT, weightlifting) and still little change. I definitely notice more in my stomach too which I have read is common with menopause. I am 48. I will say I have seen some loss with IF but it took 2-3 weeks of being very strict about it before the scale moved. I also found that I need 18/6 (vs 16/8) to see a difference. I have my 30 yr HS reunion coming up so I am working hard and hoping to feel at least a little better soon.

    ETA: Sugar is definitely evil at this age! Not just sweets but the hidden sugar in everything. One thing I learned with IF is that even artificial sweeteners can trigger an insulin response in your body so even though they have no calories your body can still react as if it were sugar. I used to have an occasional Diet Coke or put a Splenda in ice tea but I have also cut that out. You have to read every label as real & artificial sweeteners are in everything.
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