I've been seeing this come up more frequently and wonder if that is real thing a if that is what I am experiencing? Is that basically the same thing as going through peri/menopause? Or is there a secret that I am missing?

I'm 45 and been getting more of a tummy than I ever had before. It's super frustrating. So many suggestions, but not sure what to do. I also feel like I don't really "know" my body ( I guess i've been fortunate to not have many issues in the past), so not clear on what works for me and what doesn't. I've cut down significantly on carbs - no real difference. Tried IF - not very helpful. I probably need to cut down on sugar - my real vice. I limit my dairy to yogurt, cheese and the occasional ice cream. Exercise used to just wash away all the fat - no longer. All my tests have come back within normal range.

Is this just part of getting older? What have you ladies done to combat this?