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    Quote Originally Posted by georgiegirl View Post
    We need pics of your kitchen!

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    I know, but my kitchen needs to cleaned and organized more before I take pictures! Maybe this weekend!

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    When we added on to our house, we moved things from room to room and out to the garage until eventually we ran out of options- at that point I set up our pop up canopy in the back yard, zipped on the walls and just shoved everything in there! We had a few days of light rain but everything was covered with tarps and thankfully stayed dry. This wouldn't work for severe weather areas, but we had this set up for 5-6 weeks and it was fine as a temporary solution.

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    We just finished a two month renovation yesterday. I totally get where you are. We have had to move crap into others rooms, so I feel like we've been living in a hoarder house. For two months we ate in the sunroom, bc we crammed our dining room into the living room, so it was out of contractors' way. Good luck with the reno, I agree with renting a pod or just decluttering it away if it's stuff you haven't used. Unfortunately, we moved about 3 years ago and my husband refused to declutter our basement and moved it all with us, even though though I wanted to declutter as we packed. Now he is whining that there is too much stuff in the basement that we don't use. Yeah, I know, that is why I wanted to deal with it 3 years ago. Now? Now it is frickin' HARD to deal with it, bc we are so damn busy. So, maybe try to get rid of a certain amount, bc otherwise it's going to haunt you anyway, even after the reno.
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    The worst is this project was supposed to start more than a year ago so we got everything really good then, like one does with a basement, we put more crap in it. And some of the stuff I purged and sorted before could probably be consolidated even more (even more can go) but doing it again so soon sounds miserable.

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