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    Wet n Wild One Step Wonder Gel is a recent favorite of mine. For a cheap polish I'm impressed how long it lasts. It's one of those that hardens best if you go outside in the sun for a little bit after you put it on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PZMommy View Post
    The sally Hansen base and top coats don’t work for me at all! My nails chip within a day no matter what polish I’m using if I use those base and top coats.
    Wow! So funny that we would have such different experiences!!
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    I buy Sinful Colors at Target (because itís cheap), or Essie and I pair it with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel topcoat. Generally, my nails are good for 5-7 days with that combo.

    My go-to basecoat is Formula X, purchased at Sephora several years ago. The bottle has lasted me forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ang79 View Post
    I am hooked on Zoya polish and that is what my girls use too. I usually do 2 layers and then a clear top coat of something I bought at Target years ago and my toe nails look good for 3-4 weeks. I only buy online when they do a sale, like get 3 or 4 bottles free but pay shipping (usually works out to about 4 or 5 dollars per bottle.). I also really like their polish remover (the purple kind). I got a free sample bottle and then found it at Ulta and bought a full size bottle. It smells better than regular remover and takes the polish over much more easily.

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    I agree Zoya polish & remover is the best I've used. I was able to find a great code on their FB page, $25 off $50 plus free wide brushes and a free 8 oz. remover, too! So, that's what we did.

    Thanks, everyone, for weighing in with your experience. We appreciate it!

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    I like the colors from Sinful Colors (which is usually ~$2 here) but I've been looking at ella + mila (which my Target just started carrying) because it's low-odor ... and while I like Essie's color names (and have read that Queen Elizabeth has worn their "Ballet Slippers" color for decades now), I don't think I've ever actually tried it.

    I think I can also get Zoya in the grocery store, but I don't always have a lot of wiggle room in the budget for fun things like nail color.
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    The longest I have EVER had polish last is 5 days, and that was last week with Essie Couture. Revlon Gel Color stay I see pretty good too, although it smells worse. My friend had a beautiful OPI color on last week; she uses exclusively OPI.

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    I use CND vinylux. It is supposed to last a week without chipping and it almost does! Better than regular polish imo. It’s available in plenty of stores. You do have to use their special top coat.
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