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    Quote Originally Posted by PZMommy View Post
    ... However my husbands family asks what they want, and instead buy cheap junk from the 99 cents store. For what they get, they could have given my kid $5 and my kid could have used that towards something vs the junk that will go straight in the trash.
    This is my dad's ex - somehow, $20 worth of "it-breaks-immediately-so-I-end-up-throwing-it-out" sh!t from The Christmas Tree Shoppe or wherever is preferable to a single $20 toy or set of books on DD's WishList, which I keep updated because it's easier to send a link to family who want to know specific things than it is to remember who got which chunk of what list when ...
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    Just a quick suggestion—rather than sending the whole list to any one individual/couple, perhaps just provide one item (with detail/specifics). Then, they might do $/gift card + the single specific item.

    I personally hate gift cards for kids, but I guess I am the exception. My DD has 2 we just found while cleaning that are now useless (store went out of business) and she has lost/misplaced several over the years.

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