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    Default Whatís your dream house / what do you love about your house

    I would like to play along since we bought our home just over a year ago and moved mainly for the schools.
    I wonít list dream home but Iíll tell you what I love about our house-

    Location, the area is very centrally located and less than a mile to get to a major freeway.

    Our house does not have a big yard and we are not really yard people so thatís not a minus for us. We had to give up something to afford in this school district and I feel this worked in our favor. Instead we got a relatively newer house only 8 years old in this small affordable pocket where old houses are being torn down and newer ones are coming up.

    I love the 3 car garage. We use part of it as a mud room since we donít really have a mud room.
    It not a ranch but we have a huge loft area upstairs above the garage. Itís our family room, workout area plus home office all in one. We love to hang out here, it has huge windows and feels so bright during the day. All 4 bedrooms are around the loft area, so there is great privacy for every bedroom. Out of the 3 non master bedrooms, 2 bedrooms share a full bath with double sinks. The 3rd bedroom has a full bath of its own and I love that DD has her own bathroom.

    Upstairs laundry room is another plus.

    Main level family room and kitchen are open to each other so the space feels very open and roomy which I love and yet our house has a cozy feel to it. I like the warm hardwood floors that the previous owners chose for the main level.
    Our basement is unfinished and we donít really need it since 3200 sq ft is plenty for us. But we have the option of finishing it for a recreation are with a ping pong table in a year or two!

    Last but not the least our house is nice and bright, great natural light pours into all rooms!

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    I absolutely love our house. It is way more house than we need but is so nice to have during this season of life.

    What I love:

    - large flat yard - mature trees, plenty of space for running around, riding bikes, a pool. We don’t have a garden but I wish we did. Because of the way the house sits it would need to be in the front yard and we wouldn’t be happy with that.

    - an abundance of rooms - we have a dedicated guest room. I have an office which is unnecessary but such a luxury to have. I can pay bills, iron clothes, work on pictures, do family paperwork all while looking out over the yard or watching tv. We have a home gym which is great in the winter when we don’t want to go out

    - lots of living spaces - playroom, formal living room, family room, fully finished basement. We have plenty of space to spend time as a family and we also have quiet spaces where we can retreat when we want to be quiet.

    - great mud room - the space wasn’t utilized well when we bought our house. We remodeled it when we moved in and it’s wonderful! So nice to walk into a calm room with plenty of space to put things down when we come home.

    - more bathrooms than people! Our last house only had two bathrooms. It was a split level and one bathroom was in our room and the other was upstairs near the bedrooms. Each bedroom has a bathroom plus a basement bathroom and two bathrooms on the main floor. Definitely not necessary but so nice to have. If someone gets sick in the middle of the night, I can strip the beds and throw the linens in the nearest tub. I can close the door until the next morning and no one is bothered.

    - laundry room off the kitchen - I adore this setup. I do laundry once a week and sort it on the kitchen floor. Since it’s off the kitchen I know when the loads are done and can process through them as soon as they finish. I fold clothes on my oversized island and hang clothes as it comes out of the dryer. We remodeled the laundry room a couple of years ago and I smile every time I walk in. I have custom cubbies to hold labeled laundry baskets. Entire family knows what goes in each basket and makes sorting a breeze. I filled the walls with snapshots of our lives - all those pictures I take that never make it off the computer. It is the one of my favorite spaces!!

    large functional kitchen - we have an oversized island that is great for cooking with plenty of space for the kids to do their homework. I love using the island to wrap gifts. Plenty of counter space and cabinets. We have a small pantry off the kitchen that isn’t used to it’s full potential but we haven’t tackled it yet. We have a huge walk in closet off the kitchen for a pantry but we use it as a toy closet right now.
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    We just bought our dream house in San Diego. We had 3 main considerations. Proximity to my kidsí school (private so we commute), outdoor play/entertainment space, and a home that was livable right then and didnít need major work.

    Yesterday we had my daughterís soccer team and families over and spent hours outside in the pool and hanging out talking, all outside. I cannot emphasize enough how important outside space is here in SD! Youíll be outside pretty much every day of the year.

    We wanted character so we bought an older home in ďfarmĒ area (still 3 miles to the beach). Itís mostly redone with a few 1970s aspects and we love it so much!!

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    If you are looking at houses with pools, it’s really nice to have be able to get from the backyard to a bathroom without going through other parts of the house. Otherwise for us:

    -pantry of some type
    3 car garage
    -lots of closet space
    -area for kids to hang out besides main family room
    -laundry anywhere but basement
    -ability to host decent size parties (necessary because my dh’s job requires us to host some)
    -convenient location
    -at least one extra bedroom and space for an office

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    For SD, outside space is key! Pool, outdoor kitchen, covered area, and if possible, pool house or bathroom that has access from the pool area (can just be toilet and sink). There are literally no bugs so you can be outside all year, especially when you are from the east coast. A fire pit is nice too.

    No formal dining room if you can get a nice large kitchen eating area, unless you have to have it, I think it's wasted space. An office vs a formal living room is nice.

    I love a soaker tub vs jetted tub in the master bath. Natural light in the bathroom (mine has huge windows and a skylight).

    Fireplace in the family room, substantial mantle, I love it as focal point (no TV above it though, not a fan of that at all). Even not lit, a fireplace can make a room.

    I also love a covered front porch, even if small, it can add so much character and charm. I hate that I don't have that at my house.

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    This would be my dream house, looked in the area you are moving to! This is just wow, especially the outdoor space!

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