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    Default National Grouch Day

    Problem #1. Iím sick. DD seems sick so I let her sleep in but sheís fine. Disrupts my day.

    Problem #2. Power goes out but in a weird way. Our power was shut off for 36 hours last week and it was worse than I had anticipated. Today I heard a bang and then some of my electrical devices went out. Apparently it was only running up to 70 volts? It was just too soon....

    Problem #3. My car starts shaking while itís idling on the way to pick up the high school kids. So I check my oil in front of everyone wearing my workout clothes because ďnobody looks at me and I stay in the car the whole timeĒ. Sorry to embarrass you teenagers! It makes it down the hill and is fine except when it idles which canít be entirely avoided.

    Problem #4. My mechanic is out of town. We only have one car that can get DS1 to school and me to work.

    Problem #5. DH left his lights on today at the train station so HIS car is dead. He says ďcome jump meĒ but I canít because MY CAR CANíT IDLE.

    Canít complain too much. Power is back on. My dad is jumping DH. But today still sucks.

    DH tells me itís national grouch day and Iím feeling justified!

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    So sorry, that all stinks. National Grouch Day? I had no idea and I seemed to fully embrace it, too.

    I've told DD forever that I have no shame, so don't be surprised by anything I do. The threat of parenting by embarrassment is a constant joke in our house. At least you are supermom and make time to work out! My workout pants are more for work from home days.

    Hang in there, momma!

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    I just start describing all of the times they embarrassed me when they were little. Stops em in their tracks!!!!!
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    Can I join in? Our A/C which has been on its last leg for a few years has died. It is going to require a whole new unit, plus the blower/furnace part that goes in our attic, and all new duct work. It is twice as expensive as we were anticipating. We literally just paid off all of our credit cards two months ago, so we could start saving money, but had to finance part of this project. Ugh!!!

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    Youíre inviting others for Natíl Grouch Day, right?

    In the class Iím subbing for, there are a ton of sweet kids whose families I know. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with the other students- like they are first graders and Iíve been pushed by one who had hit and kicked (and slapped in the face!) both administrators.

    Another one slaps his shoes together, heckles me, and rolls his body nonstop during teaching time, and he has thrown 4 tantrums this week, and weíve had to evacuate the room at least one of those...and another he threw an iPad and headphones down. Another kid crawls under the desks constantly, hits others, and listens to nothing I say...

    And all during this week, my youngest has been home with a fever (on day 5!!) and all I want to do is stay home and cuddle with him, not have a crazy tantrum kid flip over chairs and hurt me.

    And Our checking account went negative. And the teacher Iím subbing for asked for 2 more weeks of FMLA. And my Assistant is out for all but one day this week.

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