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    Default DC too tall for HBB or harnessed seat?

    DC is 8 and so tall, like 99 percentile. She is very slim though so I planned to keep her harnessed, but she has outgrown her seat. I was looking at other seats like Graco hbbs etc and keep seeing their recommended heights top out at 57 inches. She is 58+. Recommendations?

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    Have you tried her without a booster to see if she passes the 5 step test? About 4 foot 9 is when kids start to fit in some seats without a booster. If not, I believe there are a few backless boosters that go a little higher. Is there a particular reason you are wanting a harnessed seat or high back?

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    If she's 58", she has hit the requirement for riding without a booster at all (4'9"). I would do the 5 step test and proceed from there. The point of a booster is to lift her up high enough so that the belt hits her properly, and she probably doesn't need it.

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    Default DC too tall for HBB or harnessed seat?

    Dd2 is 9.5, 54” tall and 58lbs and she is in a low back Graco Turbo booster, and a low back Peg Perego booster (was in high back mode until about a month ago, and I think she still fit it by height but DH took it off). Once she hits 60lbs she will go to the Incognito that we got for Dd1 when she was 9 or 10. Dd1 was shorter than Dd2 at that age but weighed a bit more. She graduated from a booster at 11 about 58” tall. Her pediatrician did mention at her 12 year old visit that she was then 4’10” and she no longer needed a booster (I was surprised and happy to hear this because I don’t think kids in California stay in boosters long enough! Example: when Dd1’s bff was in 1st grade and we had to take the kids somewhere Dd1’s friend sat in her Britax Frontier we had in booster mode (which Dd1 used from 6-9) and said it was more comfortable than the normal low back booster she had).

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