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    Default Kohlís one day BF sale or Veterans Day sale

    Kohlís has a one day Black Friday sale today only on select items. I usually wait until the Veterans Day sale and buy multiple things with their 30% off and $10 off $25. Which is better? Thinking maybe just getting their Black Friday deals today and the ones that donít get discounted anyway. Then saving the rest for next weekends sale. I hate trying to figure out Kohlís prices.
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    I agree you can never tell with Kohls pricing! I will say after reading your post i went online - because just yesterday I placed an order with them for a pricey pair of boots. I wanted to compare to see how much the price changed day to day.

    SO - yesterday i was able to stack 2 coupons 20% and 25%, but NO kohls cash. The boots went from $174.99 down to $104.99. DECENT DEAL!

    Today's sale - they are 20% with $30 back in kohls cash. So $139.99 - $30 KC = $109.99.

    I definitely did better yesterday, but if i didn't know i would have waited until today because the $15 for every $50 kohls cash usually is the way to go. I MUCH RATHER have the better sale price with no kohls cash to make me spend more!

    I know this prob doesn't help.... but just wanted to prove how you NEVER know w/kohls!

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    The stuff that I usually buy for the Vet's Day sale isn't on sale today, but it looks like they have some good deals on kids' clothes.
    You can always buy today and return if the deals are better on Vet's Day.
    I just tracked down the info for this year, so in case it helps someone else. Sale is Nov 10-11.
    vetsday10 - $10 off $25
    novmvcfree - free shipping
    giving30 - 30% off for Kohl's charge card purchases

    I always get really good deals on sonicare toothbrush refills, jockey underwear, and kids' clothes. The closer the item's pre-discounted price is to $25, the better the deal. This is not the best sale for big items - Black Friday is better with Kohl's Cash.

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