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    Default ISO warm coat for a preteen

    DS1 has outgrown his winter coat. Heís used the Costco coats for the last several years but just told me they donít keep him warm. Iím on the hunt for a replacement. LL Bean? Lands End? Something else? Weíre in the northeast. TIA
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    I bought both Dds Landís End coat and snow pants the Squall line. I also have the squall snow pants and they keep me super warm when Iím snowblowing. I just wear light leggings under them. So because of that I keep buying them for Dds. Last year we saw -40 with the windchill. Are you asking Celsius or Fahrenheit? Doesnít matter - we saw the scale meet! 🥶🥶🥶

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    Default ISO warm coat for a preteen

    My kids love the Uniqlo puffers. They work in all kinds of weather, through our winters are somewhat mild.

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    I'm sure Lands End and LL Bean both have good options. My son wears a Lands End Squall jacket (we live in southern New England) and has never said he was cold, but then he isn't one who gets cold easily. I use a Columbia 3 in 1 coat when I have to be outside a lot and it is really cold. I get cold super easily, and it always keeps me warm. I've had it for 15+ years and it is still in great shape.
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    Columbia coats are my go to. They are warm, usually have great pockets and zippers. The customer service is also great, should you need to contact them.

    I just noticed DD's Columbia coat has the sleeves that you can lengthen as they grow. Super nice. I'll get more than a year out of her coat!

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