DS3 (age 4) is really hard for me this year.

We already have magnatiles (x2 sets, he loves them.) Lego duplos. (No small legos with the baby plus I think he likes the bigger pieces better anyway.) A bounce house in our basement. Paw patrol lookout tower (the only thing he has asked for is "paw patrol toys" but he pretty much has them all except tracker from his older brothers...) He has a Fire tablet and my mom is getting him the Osmo little genius kit- which I think he'll love. I get that he is plenty spoiled and has everything but it's kinda crappy he will get a $12 paw patrol toy while his brothers are getting nintendo switch games, etc.

I wanted to get him a Nugget- basically like a PBK chair except a couch and it is in individual pieces so they can build forts with it,etc. It's a little more than I wanted to spend- so I waited too long- and now they are sold out and every time they get inventory they sell out again in like 2 minutes. (We've tried twice and last time both of us were trying to just get one.)

He does love building and will play with boxes, take apart our couch, build forts out of their pbk chairs, etc. I am thinking of possibly something from foamnasium "block party" https://www.foamnasium.com/foamnasium-holiday-sale but I'm not really sure I want to go that route either (or spend that much, even "on sale")....I can wait for a nugget/blocksy that can at least be used as a couch too but I just need to think of something to get him in the meantime.

So help!! Any ideas?!!

We already have memberships to the zoo and children's museum.