My DS is an extrovert caught in a family of introverts. He LOVES social interaction and he's a very sweet boy. He would be thrilled having a play date every day.

He has never, not once, in his whole life, been invited for a play date and it breaks my heart.

I have worked really hard to schedule him play dates, though I certainly don't love them myself. We have done 6 play dates with 6 different little boys since the beginning of the school year. And not one has been reciprocated and there were a few more that got cancelled last minute. As far as I can tell, the boys have a good time when they are at my house. They play video games or sports outside, etc.

DS's teacher tells me that he is well-liked at school. He can be a little silly sometimes trying to impress his friends by talking out of turn or saying funny things, but she told me in conference that "it's been nice this year having DS and two other boys to have the more academically talented kids be the same as the more 'cool' kids". When I watch him in a playground group he is neither the most aggressive nor the most conservative kid.

He sometimes asks me why he never gets invited to anyone else's house and I don't know how to answer that. I'm just sad that he's sad about it.

Off to schedule play date number 7 for this weekend.