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    Default Help me choose a night lamp for my child

    My son is 5 years old and he is very afraid to sleep in the dark. We used to use a LED lamp in the form of a cube, but as I understand it, my Den doesn't like it anymore. I plan to give him a new night light for Christmas, I want to choose not too bright, but that it would be interesting to my child. I found this article on the Internet describing different night lights, but I don’t know which one is the best. Danny has no favorite cartoon characters, he likes programs about animals and travel. Any ideas?

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    My son always liked the IKEA nightlights that you can leave plugged in on a dresser/shelf or unplug and take into the bed.

    Another idea is to get a smart light bulb that you can use in any lamp. We have Phillips Hue bulbs in every lamp in our house. They can be changed to any color and dimmed from 1-100%. You can also put them on a schedule in the app to turn on/off at certain times. In my boys' rooms, they are scheduled to turn to blue and purple at night and to dim. In DS2's room I also have it set to shut off 90 minutes after he goes to bed and slowly brighten in the morning to help wake him up over 20-30 minutes. It's way better than any regular nightlight.

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