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    Default Sign to move to bigger bottle?

    Our 6 week old is bottle fed (breastfeeding is not an option on this case for medical reasons). She’s now regularly downing the ~4.4oz bottles (4 oz water plus powder). Not every feeding but most times. She would keep going but the bottle is taken away.

    However she only very rarely (maybe twice so far in a week and a half) seems still hungry after finishing it. And the 9 oz bottles seem so big for such a little thing.

    Does finishing the bottle mean we should try offering more in a bigger bottle? Or wait for her to demand more? How do you know when to move up?

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    Generally when mine got to where they were consistently finishing the bottle, then I moved up. I had one that was always a big eater and moved up very quickly and one that didn't move up until she was several months old. I'd get the larger bottle and try making up 5 ounces and see how that goes.

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    I’d go up an ounce at a time. So go from 4 oz to 5 oz. You will need the bigger bottle, but you do not need to make the full 9 ounces. If I recall correctly that would be 2 and 1/2 scoops of formula for the 5 oz of bottles. Once I could better figure out my baby’s pattern, I was better able to adjust the size of his bottles. His bottle before bed, nap, and his first morning bottle were always his biggest bottles, and then the ones during the other times were usually an ounce or two less.

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