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    Default tying shoes and small motor skills

    Can anyone recommend help to get DS tying his shoes? He had small motor issues when he was younger, but hasn't had any issues in three or four years. I don't know how much is true problems and how much is stubbornness. But he's going to be eleven shortly and I'm tired of doing it for him (sports practice) or having him wear crappy Walmart $9 shoes.

    I'm not looking for a work-around, but help in learning to do it himself. Can anyone link or recommend something?

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    Using two different color shoelaces. One white, one black.

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    Lock Laces.... Seriously, just get him Lock Laces... They make any tie shoe a "bungee lace" shoe. They look cool, work well... Don't stress, just get Lock Laces!

    Also, work on shoe tying, but until then... Lock Laces.

    DC used them exclusively for years. Even once shoe tying was mastered, since it's tough to get some laces tight enough... Lock Laces !

    Okay, I just saw that you are NOT looking for a work around. Call Nordstroms, they use to have a shoe tying class. I was looking into it when DC learned at OT.

    But....seriously...Lock Laces. I inherited a pair of DC's old shoes and I LOVE having them

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    OMG, this makes me relieved to see that we aren't the only ones fighting this battle!! My 8 yr old still wears velcro shoes and DH absolutely hates it. In our case its 99% stubbornness because he literally tried once and insists it takes too long.
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    YouTube videos. There's multiple different methods he can try and see which he likes best.

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