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    Default Tell me about Pittsburgh!

    Just booked 2 nights in a hotel and bought Pirates tickets for early April.
    Coming from NJ. Plan to arrive early afternoon so have that afternoon, evening and then the next full day. Game is that night. Depart for home by noon on the day after the game.

    DH and DS1 going to the game; DS2 would much prefer time with me at the hotel pool. I see there's a science center super close to the stadium. I'll check and see if it's open in the evening, of the game. Hotel has a shuttle and hotel is walking distance to the stadium.

    Need meal ideas. Breakfast is @ hotel. We like to eat cheap LOL. We save the higher end meals for date nights.

    Also, what's between Pittsburgh and let's say the NJ border. What's a good stopping point on the way home (either Route 80 or 78, didn't quite look yet). If we're on 81 and 78, we'll stop at Cabela's in Hamburg. I've love to check out Knoebels if 1) it's enroute 2) open!

    KNOEBELS IS CLOSED THEN - scratch that!

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    Primanti Brothers is the quintessential Pittsburg deli/ sandwich shop, Google then to see if it suits your tastes.

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    What hotel (or at least general location)? It's almost always better to use the T light rail to get to games than trying to drive (get a shuttle) anywhere nearby. Or just walk. It's not a big city and lots of people walk to the games. The T is free between downtown and the North Shore. You just
    I doubt the Carnegie Science Center will be open in the evening. Outside of special events (often 21+) it closes at 5.

    -ride one of the inclines (be sure and read up on pricing as at least one of them is cash only- exact fare)- might be nice on your last morning
    -Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History (continuous building, one admission) + Phipps Conservatory + Cathedral of Learning (part of Pitt and has a very cool Hogwarts like vibe on the main level; also has themed classrooms that are kind of fun to poke in and see)
    -Heinz History Museum (awesome section highlighting Pgh sports with some interactive things), shop and eat through the Strip District
    -agree with Primanti's. Note the one in the Strip is the original, It is cash only and you need to get there by 11:30 to avoid waiting in line. The version in Market Square has a more full menu for people who are picky and they take credit cards. It gets crowded too. Fries and slaw on cheese sounds gross to some but they are good. The slaw is not the creamy kind.
    -see above for Strip District ideas- plenty of budget friendly ideas. Smallman Galley, Chicken Latina and Edgars are my top picks since you said budget eats. If you consider Gaucho within budget, go there.
    -Blue Bird Kitchen or La Gourmandine for breakfast if you want a change from the hotel. They are downtown; not sure where you are staying. Both are good treats too but note their hours since they close early.
    -Walk up to/ uber/ Lyft to Allegheny Commons then visit the Aviary (expensive but if you like birds it's pretty cool; only takes like 90 minutes to see unless you do shows or special activities); lunch at Federal Galley. The Children's Museum just opened a new wing designed for tweens and teens. Check into that. Might be worth a visit! Otherwise see if the Warhol Museum or Randyland appeal.
    -head to the East End and hike through Frick Park Be sure and see the Blue Slide Park; visit the Frick Museum if you like old timey cars (that is free) or if any of the other stuff appeals (it wouldn't to my kids but worth telling you about); lunch in Point Breeze at Point Brugge. Grab a treat at Five Points Bakery.
    -Shadyside's main drag- Walnut St- has plenty of coffee shops and chain stores like Lululemon, Athleta, Williams Sonoma. The hole in the wall La Feria is a great restaurant (fast too). Pamela's is there too and many people love it (not me) but it's a cash only diner specializing in breakfast. Another place that gets a huge line on weekends but easy to walk in during the week.
    -Lawrenceville if you want to shop and walk. Ki Pollo is good for cheap eats. Walters BBQ food is ok but the outdoor space is amazing (games, super fun vibe). Franctuary and Smoke (cash only) are good too. Arsenal Cider is awesome and they sell food too (sandwiches, soup). The outdoor space is a nice place to relax often with live music on weekend nights.

    On your way home, Hershey? Chocolate World is open even if the park is closed. It definitely skews young though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LD92599 View Post

    Also, what's between Pittsburgh and let's say the NJ border. What's a good stopping point on the way home (either Route 80 or 78, didn't quite look yet). If we're on 81 and 78, we'll stop at Cabela's in Hamburg. I've love to check out Knoebels if 1) it's enroute 2) open
    I was going to suggest Hershey as well. HersheyPark will be open on weekends in April. Chocolate World, ZooAmerica and the Hershey Story Museum (be sure to order the flight of hot chocolates from around the world and check Groupon for admission discounts) will be open all week. Another option is the Lehigh Valley area -- DorneyPark is only half an hour from Cabela's and there is lots to do in Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton area (including lots of fabulous, inexpensive, Middle Eastern food).

    If you want to detour off 76/81/78, you could do Gettysburg or the Lancaster area.

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