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    Quote Originally Posted by PunkyBoo View Post
    First I bought this book, that's where I got the apple butter recipe, and we also like the baby back ribs and BBQ brisket recipes in there.

    The creamy potato veggie soup we live is the one that Melaine posted above, (I think that blog is by a member of the BBB... ) but I don't add any half and half to it. I used 3 large russet potatoes, 2 smallish broccoli crowns and the rest of the recipe I follow. I'm always shocked that my DH and DS1, who are big meat eaters, love this soup.
    Here's the meatloaf recipe we follow the recipe exactly except I put less butter and sour cream in the potatoes.
    Here's the soup we had last night it was really yummy and SO easy! I dumped the ingredients into the instant pot with the chicken at the bottom and set it to manual for 10 minutes. I could have used frozen chicken breasts, but i would have set the time to 12-13 minutes. In the future I'd add another can of beans to it, but it was delicious!
    Here's the chicken noodle soup I follow the recipe exactly. I don't know why I like this recipe so much more than any other chicken noodle soup I've ever had!Attachment 4954Attachment 4955

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    I just noticed the author name isn't on the book photo- it's by Laurel Randolph.
    Thank you so much for posting the recipes!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melaine View Post
    Punkyboo, itís my recipe and my blog so I am thrilled you like it! Iíll Have to check the chicken soup recipe because I make it a million different ways and should really try following an actual recipe for a change. I am so inconsistent and the results are also.
    I'm excited to try all your recipes!
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