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    If you subscribe to their newsletters you will get an email whenever they do 20% off all sale. This and the F&F sale are the only time I ever shop Athleta. Occasionally they will send out a 20% off one full-priced item but I don't see those very often.

    Other than the above, I don't see Athleta doing any other kinds of discounts.

    I love Athleta and almost live in their clothes and have several pants/hybrid tights that I am able to wear for work with a nice enough top. I travel for work so I exclusively buy pants that should be comfy on planes and HAVE POCKETS. The challenge with Athleta is that their styles are constantly rotating...if you like something, you'd better buy multiples or different colors within the same season or you won't see it again. I am also picky about their fabrics - I have bought pants that look great when new but after only a few washes, the fabric gets "snaggy" and starts catching on everything - dry skin, animal fur, dust, etc and I HATE that and am trying to keep track of which fabrics do it and which fabrics don't.

    I avoid Pilayo like the plague - it's one of those "snaggy" fabrics and it was a Bettona staple. I have also found that Athleta isn't 100% accurate when describing fabrics on their website - I've bought things before that don't say they are Pilayo but then when I receive the item, it says it's Pilayo fabric. YMMV but it's an irritation when it happens. I have found that the heathered Pilayo fabrics are smoother and less snaggy than the solid colors. But now I really just won't buy anything that says "Pilayo".

    I love the Trekkie fabric but I would say it's an acquired taste. It's a smooth fabric with a subtle ripstop that never snags on anything and washes extremely well, but it doesn't have the best drape (think crisp sheets instead of soft fluid jersey knit) and it's "swishy" (in case swishy pants bothers you or if you have thighs that rub together). But I love the longevity of this fabric and I do have a couple of pairs of hybrid tights that I can totally style into my work outfits. I also like Featherweight Stretch since it doesn't pill or get snaggy but it's a very thin fabric and not great for work. I have Featherweight Stretch joggers and wear those as lounge/workout/grocery store pants.

    So my best advice is to take advantage of FS/FR to figure out what you like. If you like something and are confident that the fabric will hold up after several washes, if you want more you will need to buy more within the same season, generally. Athleta seems to name their fabrics (e.g. Pilayo, Trekkie, Featherweight Stretch) so pay attention to that. For work pants, generally the darker colors like black work well because it hides the athletic embellishments (like any funky seams, pockets, etc), if there are any.

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