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    Quote Originally Posted by SnuggleBuggles View Post
    Do Universal instead. Especially if you stay at one of the 3 hotels that includes Express Passes. No planning, minimal lines, just fun.

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    Yes!! We went last summer and it was awesome and Iím a huge Disney fan. We stayed at one if the Express Pass hotels. We were at the parks at opening and had a blast every single day. We didnít plan anything other than the hotel. It was super easy and so relaxing. We loved it so much weíre going back again this summer!!

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    for Carmen

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieW625 View Post
    Cool! Please let me know what service you used and the cost. I would love to do a trip in the future but it is soo intimidating and it is still one of the trips I think my kids would really enjoy besides going to Hawaii (which my mom hinted might be a good trip when Dd1 graduates from high school), but not this year....maybe next or the year after.

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    I highly, highly recommend Katie

    She completely planned the entire trip, including arrival at the airport, where to go to Uber, what time to leave for the park, etc. She provided a map of each park and a daily itinerary complete with name of ride, wait time, duration of ride, free time between rides, and walking time to the next ride. Her estimate of wait times was spot on, and we quickly learned that her times listed for some of the more popular rides were the best times to go. We did deviate some from the plan; there were some rides that the kids weren’t interested in, and some that they wanted to ride multiple times. We waited until right before the park closed to get in line for the really popular rides. As long as you’re in line, you can get on. Feel free to ask any questions! We will definitely use her for future travel plans!

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