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    Quote Originally Posted by MMMommy View Post
    This is a totally silly, small outrage, but I notice a heck of a lot of dental picks (those plastic flossers) littered about on the ground--parking lots, sidewalks, etc. Why on earth would someone be so conscientious about dental hygiene while "on the go," yet so careless and thoughtless enough to toss their used dental pick on the ground? They can't be bothered to find a garbage can to toss it into? Is it that hard for the user to not callously toss it on the ground? They can't just wrap it up and toss it later? I'm so perplexed by that. Stellar hygiene, yet so little regard for the public and littering.
    I tend to use those flossers in the car and place them by my door handle until I get out of the car. I almost always immediately throw them away, but I'm guessing they've fallen out of my door/car onto the ground a few times. That probably doesn't explain all of the ones we see out in the world, but I'd bet some are from that situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twoboos View Post
    Yes! I especially feel this way about professional sports team shirts for women. No, I don't want a pink frilly sparkly NFL shirt of my team, I want a straight forward womens cut shirt - it's not that hard!!
    Don't get me started on the old "shrink it and pink it" for sports apparel!

    And then, when they do offer something a little more femme, it's inevitably a limited size range ... like the Alyssa Milano stuff for MLB, which was not my style.
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