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    Default Getting white deodorant marks off black clothing?

    Whatís the best way to launder tees with deodorant marks that cleans deeply enough but doesnít fade the fabric? This is sadly a problem for me. Iím sweaty and like black tees! Thank you!!

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    Deoderant tends to be greasy/waxy. Have you already tried Dawn or other dishwashing liquid? Make sure it really work it into the marks - I have a little toothbrush type thing that really helps with stains of all kinds. My husband has some bizarre body chemistry that causes buildup even with roll on deodorant, the only thing I've found that's helped is the dollar store La Awesome spray which is a degreaser. It hasn't faded his colored cotton t shirts at all.
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    I have this problem for sure! It drives me nuts. I've not found a great way to handle it just in the laundry (so I'll be watching for suggestions!). But what I do find works is that I will soak the shirts for a day prior in Oxiclean and very hot water, then squeeze out and wash as usual, and the deodorant is gone.
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    I rub a little liquid detergent directly on the underarms before laundering. I've also found that different brands do it more than others so it might be worth it to switch things up.

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    It happens on my tshirts, but doesn't bother me so much as it is in the inside. My bras have it awful though, and makes them look dirty. I am the only one seeing them, so it shouldn't bother me, but it does. I always was bras on cold and gentle, in a lingerie bag, and the stuff does not come out.
    Strangely, on a cruise last summer, I sent out all my laundry, including bras, and they came back totally clean. I know they washed in hot, regular cycle, as they don't separate anything. I wonder if a poor crew member spend time scrubbing them though! Once or twice a year, I figure my expensive bras can handle a hot wash, and so plan to try this at home some time.
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