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    Default Fitness routine win - Ring Fit (nintendo switch)

    B/c I seem to be doing everything except for what I need to be doing this afternoon, I figured I'd share with the board my recent fitness win - that was getting the Ring Fit game for the switch. Santa brought a switch for the family at Xmas and when my much younger than me in a rugby league co-worker was raving about the workout RingFit had given him I decided that mama needed her own game and splurge on it. I couldn't believe I was spending $80 on a video game, but it's been a much better value than my daily burn subscription (or our gym membership which I just don't even want to talk about...)

    OMG it's so much fun and such a hard work out. I didn't know I could be incentivized by a video game but it turns out I'm totally a sucker for gamification. One thing I love about it is that the workouts are pretty short 'game levels' so you can piece together as many of them as you want to. If I make to 20 minutes total workout time I'm about to fall over. My DD who is pretty competitive is also playing trying to keep up with my progress which is fun for us to cheer each other on and def a more healthy version of screen time.
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    Its been on my wishlist. Thanks for the review!

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    Its out of stock in stores around me. Others must feel the way you do about it! I will order it with my target gift card for DHs birthday gift Thanks for the review!

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    I am so happy to read this! I actually have it (DH bought it for me as soon as it came out), and I haven’t tried it out yet. Now I’m excited to do it this weekend.
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