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    Default Summer trip to AZ, UT, NV様ooking for advice/tips

    We are planning a trip to Arizona this summer and want to add on some other things in the area. The trip will be me and DH along with our DS who is 10 and DD who will be 8. So far planning to fly in to PHX and drive up to Sedona for a couple of days and an overnight at the Grand Canyon (south rim). After that I would like to maybe see Antelope Canyon and cross into Utah (Bryce and/or Zion). Then I知 thinking we could head to Vegas to fly home. Our schedule is flexible悠知 thinking 8-10 days starting June 1st.

    Any thoughts on what to spend time on vs what to skip or just see briefly? DH and I have done Sedona and GC, so I知 good with that part of the trip, just wondering what might be good to add on to that. I知 ok with this being an overview type trip, we don稚 need to see everything there is to see. But since we are going out west from Atlanta, I would like to see some highlights. The kids and I have a US map that we color in when we visit a new state, so we try to hit as many as we can on any trip we take.

    I know several of you have spent a lot of time in the area, and I have read StantonHyde痴 trip reports and skimmed some previous threads. Any additional tips or thoughts are appreciated!
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    I recommend stops at slide rock park, and Bearizona!

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    This is a really common question on Check out their community/chat forums and query those-you will find people asking the exact same questions with suggested itineraries.

    Here are my trip reports for:

    Kanab/Page/Antelope Canyon
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    We did a similar trip two years ago (my kids were 10 and 13). My parents lived in Tucson, so we started there. Tucson to Painted Desert/Petrified Forest. Then to Sedona. Then to Bryce and on to Vegas.
    I highly recommend Painted Desert/Petrified Forest. It was amazing and otherworldly. Easy walking trails for all ages.
    In Sedona we did a Pink Jeep Tour which was fun--especially for the kids.
    Grand Canyon is amazing, but some of the smaller canyons (Walnut Creek) are really impressive and a little more accessible.
    We did a horseback riding tour down Bryce Canyon that was 100% worth it.
    In Vegas we stayed at NYNY, which the kids thought was superfun AND it was budget-friendly. We did the Blue Man Group show and also took a trip out to the Hoover Dam. We also picked a couple of buffets on the strip--the kids loved the fancy choices and being able to eat whatever they wanted. So much to see in Vegas--and we're not gamblers!
    Be sure to do the Jr Ranger Programs at the National Park sites. They're really good and will help your kids stay engaged and appreciate what they're seeing. They also get cool badges, which my kids enjoyed.
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