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    Default Where to stay? Old Key West, Caribbean, Saratoga Springs or ????

    We're finally making the trip to Disney. The kids are older (17, 14, and 10 by the trip) and we want the rooms to be comfortable and work for us but also have a location close to parks where we will spend more time (probably Epcot, MGM, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom, in that order). The Yacht Club and Boradwalk Villas are not available for our dates. We were looking at the Old Key West 2BR villas; the Caribbean (Pirate Themed rooms) with 2 adjoining rooms, and Saratoga Springs 2BR villas.

    I'm currently leaning toward Old Key West but the cost is $2k+ more for our stay vs the Caribbean rooms, and I'm not sure if it is justified. That said, for a once in a lifetime family vacation, I don't want to cut corners on rooms if it will have a big impact on overall enjoyment.

    Our kids will not want to sleep in beds together. My DH and I aren't totally opposed to sharing a kind-sized bed with our son, but it's not our first choice arrangement.

    Am I delusional to think that having a kitchenette in the room will save us on food costs? Is there a way to make that make sense if we won't have a car and aren't local (I can pack some dry goods and maybe a small soft-sided cooler with hard boiled eggs, fruit, etc.) My son is a really picky eater so even just being able to pack him sunflower butter sandwiches on gluten-free bread would be helpful to defray costs and complaining.

    Any thoughts? Any other places that we should be considering?
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    How much time do you plan to spend in your room? The last time we went we stayed at a 1 bdrm with kitchenette at AKL and I loved it. I get sick of eating out though and our kids were younger than yours, so they couldn't make it an entire day. The ages of your kids now are closer to my kids' ages and I don't think we'd spend that much time in our room, so I'd go with a cheaper room and just move the budget more toward eating out food costs. The portion sizes are HUGE, a child's portion is plenty for an adult, there were times (we did the meal plan), that even though I got an adult portion I traded with my kids and let them have it and I ate the kid portion. The thing about a kitchenette is that you will need to get groceries delivered or else take a trip to the grocery store, so depending on whether or not you are getting a vehicle, this is something else to consider. Packing snacks from home is easy, so I think that's a good idea, esp the sunflower butter sandwiches.
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