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    Default Just when I had gotten my anxiety under control.....

    Ugh. My anxiety was really bad and I've finally gotten it under control. The kids haven't been anywhere it two+ weeks and I only go out to get groceries once a week. I left DS in the yard for 2 minutes and he comes in and says "Fred" is here. I thought that was weird because Fred's family is a very socially responsible family and they are the last people I would expect to be letting their kids out and about. I go outside and there's "Fred's" brother who is somewhat of a loose cannon. I quickly tell DS it's time to come in and Fred's brother walks over and grab's DS's nerf gun, hacks a really nasty sounding wet hack, and wipes his nose on his sleeve. All while Ds grabs his nerf gun back. Total panic mode now. I quickly got DS in the house, let this gun outside to not be touched for days, and striped DS. I then washed his face and exposed skin, but he was within probably 2-3 feet of this kid and easily could have gotten germs in his eyes I supposed. I'm so pissed. At myself for leaving him alone for 2 minutes and at the boys' parents for letting him loose sounding like that (it very well could be allergies, but I don' know that). We have no confirmed cases in our county, but I'm well aware that there are cases here. Now I'll be on pins and needles for two weeks hoping something doesn't develop.

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    Hugs! If it makes you feel any better, the other day DH came in from a grocery and pharmacy run for DDs prescription meds and we both were executing this plan of him washing his hands, throwing away packaging, sanitizing his phone and keys, after which he wanted to step into the shower. DS shows up like the whirlwind and first thing goes and hugs DH, while we stare dumbfounded

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    Wet cough isn’t covid. Dry cough is, so hopefully your DS will be ok.

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