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    We’re just outside NYC and I haven’t been inside a store in 2+ weeks. We’ve been doing grocery delivery but the spots are harder to get now. We’ve been able to get fresh fruits and veggies but we were out of milk and yogurt for a few days and we’ve been out of bread all week. Fingers crossed we’ll get our delivery as scheduled tomorrow. I ordered multiples of bread, milk and eggs. We’ll see what we get.
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    First week of our lockdown which was 3 weeks ago, Wegmans and shoprite was picked clean! I was ok then as did a huge shop right before the lockdown. I went last week which was my 1st time in 2 weeks and it was better; things were fully stocked except for tissues, paper towels, but TP was in supply. Cleaning supplies werenít available, but I didnít need any.

    In that trip there was a limit of what you can buy on bread, pasta, canned soup, meat, milk and eggs. Now the limitation restriction is lifted on everything but milk and meat. Iím due to go back in a weeks time, and need to do a Costco run same week for my TP and paper towels supply as getting low.

    Iíve been filling in the blanks by hitting up small businesses like our Italian shop for bread, homemade soups, and sausage. Farmers market for deli and different proteins. Another farmer market have been offering curbside pickups or delivery which Iíll take advantage. I also took advantage of misfitsmarket online for produce delivery weekly but there was a surge for that so my delivery is bit delayed.

    With my set up, it means I only need to hit up the major grocery store every 2.5 weeks to maybe 3 weeks. I feel safer going to smaller less frequented establishment. Also pickup/delivery slots is booked weeks ahead of me so not even bothering to attempt that anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwinFoxes View Post
    I went to TJs when the doors first opened for the morning, and the line was so long I just went home. I went back a few hours later and the line was 1/2 as long. I think it took maybe 30 minutes to get in. Since so few people were inside at a time (I think it was 10) social distancing was easy and getting around the store was quick. There was no line to check out.
    That's great! I went mid-morning at 10, but because of everyone's zoom classes (first full week and worried about it going well) and DH conferencing all day at home, I only had a short window I could be gone. I couldn't go back at a different time unless it was the weekend which I did not want to do.

    OP, as an update: my friend went to the store today and almost everything was fairly well stocked except for bagged beans. Canned beans fine. "Plentiful, but not full" as put it. She sent me a picture of the toilet paper/tissue and egg sections. It was a thing of beauty. (eta: I don't use my phone in there or even bring a purse.)

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    I went to our local grocery store this morning. I'd last been six days ago on Friday morning. And 9 days before that. So three times in the past three weeks.

    This is the grocery store I typically shop from. But I haven't been in the store with a list beyond two or three items in over three years. I've only been doing their grocery pick-up service. But now the slots are at least five days out and this is my only outing so I'll leave the slots for those who may really need them.

    Today was the best overall stocking. There are still some big holes in baking supplies and paper products. I did not look closely so I don't actually know. We're well stocked on TP, clorox wipes, etc. before anything started.

    When I went just over two weeks ago it was stripped - ZERO - eggs, cheese, tortillas, bread, lunch meat. Things I actually needed. Those were back the past two times I've been. They are limiting on eggs and a few other items.

    The produce is looking sad. I went to the grocery store instead of Costco because a friend went to Costco yesterday and said they were still limiting to two gallons of milk. I will go to Costco at the beginning of next week to see if their produce is better. I'm typically a once a week to Costco for four gallons of milk and tons of produce when the kids are in school. I've cut their milk drinking habit down some and have them at three or so a week even being home all the time.

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    Wegman's is my closest and it was severely lacking today - usually just the normal out of stocks as of late. I refuse to wait in line as it is poorly maintained and seems to be no less of a threat than having people in store. I get it why TJs does it - small store. It's been about 2 weeks since I've been there. Generally it is the staple items that are the hardest hit and fresh meat.

    I wonder how long this will go on before supply chain is deeply affected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by essnce629 View Post
    I ventured out to Trader Joe's for the first time in 21 days (usually we go 3 times a week)! They are only allowing a few people in the store at once in order to keep to the 6 feet apart minimums and even had taped markings on the floor in the store so visually people could see how far apart they needed to be. It took 40 minutes for me to get in the store (line outside surrounded the entire parking lot perimeter, but everyone was spaced at least 6 feet apart). I spent about 2 hours last night planning out 10 dinners and my shopping list. I wore a face mask for the first time and probably about 1/3 to 1/2 of the people at the store were wearing masks too, but none of the workers were. They were stocking continuously during the entire time I was in the store and all the shelves were fully stocked, except for no toilet paper or flour. It took me over an hour to get everything on my list. Hoping we can go another 2+ weeks before going to the store again. $450 spent!!!

    I think I will be the only one going to the store from here on out. DH went to Costco last week, but since he's the only one working and men seem to be more severely affected by the virus, I think it's best for me to go.

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    Wow, did all your grocery fit in one shopping cart? My TJ's is limiting 2 per item and 1 cart. My cart was packed and I spent almost $200. When I went early afternoon 2 days ago, I waited 5-10 minutes and there was only 1 person in line.
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    San Diego area -- Ralph's
    Papertowels but NO toilet paper or tissues
    Virtually no cleaning supplies and limits of soap to 1 per visit (all soap, including bars of soap)
    Virtually no pasta or rice or beans
    Good produce, cereal is pretty good, good frozen options and fresh meat options
    Dairy was limited milk options but still had milk (just not what I normally get)
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    The 'big' grocery store here just implemented limits on # of customers. DH drove by to see how long the line was ... he said it was 30ish people waiting ....... all in a close line. He didnt go inside.

    I think the 'trick' is that if you need paper products, you need to suck it up and go 1st thing at opening and wait in line for a chance of getting any. Later in the day the lines are shorter but no paper products.

    My BJs had plenty of eggs but they were much more expensive than I remember them. My fridge is overflowing so I couldnt get the 4 dozen which is the cheapest option.
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    I have only done delivery. I canít stand the grocery store under normal circumstances but I have not been able to get paper products as of yet. Thankfully we are still ok. Probably for another week which is why I keep trying.
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    I went to Ralphs in a suburb of Los Angeles this past Sunday. It was much better than it had been two weeks ago. Still not much pasta or soup, and no paper products, but I was able to get enough of what I wanted. There were strict limits on everything though, and I'm okay with that as it allows more people to get stuff. I have found it is better to go early in the morning, and I went the first hour they were open. I had to wait in a line as they only allow so many people in at one time.

    I had a friend go to a Target a few blocks away, and she said that the food aisles and paper products were basically bare there.

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