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    Default Favorite subscription box for 12 yo boy

    Any suggestions?
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    Do you mean like subscription product service or magazines? My 12yo loves Boys Life which is the Boy scouting magazine. You don’t have to be a scout to sign up for it though. It’s not for everyone apparently because one of my other sons hates it. Says it just a reminder of all the cool stuff he is NOT doing. My 12 & 14yos love Popular Science magazine. 12yo also loves readied National Geographic. He found an old box of them in the basement from my parents house and has been reading through those. As for cool product subscriptions, I signed up my 10yo over a year ago for Amazon science/building kits and we are still getting them because he LOVES them. He’s 12 now and I think he enjoys them and understands them more now. He constantly asks when the next box will arrive. Some of those kits keep him busy for days.
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    Do you want a box for things to do or for things to eat? Lots of choices for things to eat but not sure about activity boxes as most of those seem to be aimed at younger kids--but there may be some subscription boxes for older kids that I'm not aware of.

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    Eureka crate (kiwico) is great for my 11 yo boy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by legaleagle View Post
    Eureka crate (kiwico) is great for my 11 yo boy.
    Same! It's been great for my DS2 who will be 11 next month.

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