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    Check in with your church, senior citizens center, Next Door appópeople are volunteering to get groceries and other supplies for seniors
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    We only have 10 active cases in our town (there were 25 but just read that 15 are out of quarantine recovered) so the hospitals arenít crazy overloaded yet. But my friend who is a doctor emailed me and told me to prayer for her since she was being sent to a respiratory clinic where COVID19 patients will be sent. She has 5 small kids at home so I created craft packets for her 4th grader (rags to make rag rugs, a kit to make a corn doll, and other kit to make Native American bead rings. Hope they keep her busy and are not too complicated for her). I also thought of some of the links Iíve seen posted here and offered to do anything my friend needed- arrange childcare if needed at the last minute, grocery shop, clean her house, do laundry, and whatever. My kids are ages 12-16 so I have a driver and emergency childcare if needed. Our hospitals are obviously preparing to be hit because I got calls today postponing all 4 well-child appointments until June. I guess our town is lucky because we have time to prepare whereas so many hospitals struggling now didnít have much time at all. COVID19 is making everything so complicated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dogmom View Post
    I am a nurse that works at a hospital and we are getting food. But honestly, we are so busy I don’t have time to eat it. What would make my life easier is if someone could shop or bring food to MY family. I went off today because I can’t be hovering over my phone or computer to get a delivery slot for groceries. My DH is straight out at his job in a local government. I got one slot this am, took time to pick groceries, but then took to long and lost the slot then they were all gone for the week. I’m taking care of other people’s families and I can’t even get food for mine!
    I’m sorry you haven’t been able to get a slot. I would stalk your grocery site for a slot for you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liziz View Post
    I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but just remember that by just staying home and not getting together with other people, you are probably doing the biggest and best thing you can possibly do. And that by just doing that, you ARE helping the fight.
    Yes, we are basically doing nothing besides keeping our butts at home except for getting groceries every 2 weeks.

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