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    Default who's considering getting a Peloton now? Or already has one?

    I admit I was never into the Peloton hype in the past few years (i'm not a fan of cycling/biking in general) and i always preferred to go out for exercise (going to a yoga studio or a barre studio classes).

    However with this current situation, DH and I have been talking if maybe we should get an indoor bike. DH is thinking this shelter-in-place is likely to last remainder of the year. Sure, there is going out for walks. But in Texas, the weather is going to be unbearably warm very soon. And TBH, it is just GROSS to be outside. Pollens, mosquitos etc. and everyone else and their dog (literally) is walking outside now.

    Is it crazy to consider getting a Peloton now that we could use for daily exercise? Primarily DH and I could use it, but we are thinking kids could use it too.

    We do already have a (cheap, basic) treadmill that DH uses a few times a week (he has a screen and Roku set up in front of it) and we have let the kids use it sometimes if we are in the room with them. but they don't use it much. And it seems more dangerous for kids than a bike.

    Both my kids (9 and 10) really enjoy riding their bikes and i have been taking them out on 20 minute bike rides every single day. But i think in about a months' time, it will be too hot, even at 6:00am.

    My kids' main sport is swimming (DS was on swim team)- but obviously now that is out for the foreseeable future. I'm having a hard time imagining things will be normal by summer at all.

    As many know, i work full-time (now from home) and i would love something i could just do for 15-20 minutes here and there. If i have to go for aimless walks around my nieghborhood as sole form of cardio i am going to go bananas!!!

    For exercise I currently do Pure Barre videos/streaming classes 4x a week at home. But i think i would like being able to do a bike and DH and my kids would enjoy it too.

    so my questions are

    1) do you think Peloton is worth the $? Or do you get the same thing out of hacking an average bike with an iPad?
    2) if you have a Peloton, can/do your tweens enjoy use it? My DS is size of an average 12-year-old boy - is it difficult to adjust for different users?
    3) seems like the cost does not include the subscription fee which is $39/month. Is that just for the streaming classes, or is that for the library of classes as well?

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    If you arenít a fan of cycling, I think Iíd look for something else. I used to enjoy spin class but no where near as much as I loved Body Pump or Group Power Wright lifting. I downloaded the Les Mills app so I could do those workouts at home. So often the fitness equipment (bikes, ellipticals, treadmills) become big, annoying clutter so I think you need to be sure you really would use it. Would be cool if you could rent one to see if itíd actually get used!

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    Funny enough, I did a search on here today about one and found Basil's thread on assembling a knock off version. I'm really not because I do not enjoying spin class or bikes that much and I do not prefer to be outside for exercise as much as I need to be outside for exercise and I don't think my kids would like it at all. It's just not the same, but I do not think it is crazy if you think you would use it because it is going to be a long summer!

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    I think this Wirecutter article will be helpful for you--I found it very helpful, as I've been thinking about getting a Peloton bike.

    I love spinning and have been doing it regularly at my gym for a few years now, three days a week. I have been thinking about getting a Peloton bike ever since the shelter in place started. I currently have a treadmill and a recumbent bike at home. The recumbent bike just doesn't get my heart rate up and give me the cardio satisfaction that I get from spin class.

    I don't think I would buy a Peloton bike unless you love spinning/biking. I think the up front cost of the equipment, plus the perpetual monthly fee really adds up. And as Wirecutter mentions, the bike is really only useful and worthwhile with the monthly membership. When I was researching ordering one, the Peloton website said delivery would be in the range of 2 to 4 weeks. My guess is that it will be towards the 4 week time frame and later, rather than sooner. So I am holding off for now. I also really enjoy the camaraderie and social aspects of the in person classes at my gym, which obviously won't resume anytime soon. But if this isolation continues on for significantly longer, I may pull the trigger and order one.

    Having said that, my two friends who own Peloton bikes LOVE Peloton. They say it's addicting. I can totally see that!
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    Have you seen the commercials for The Mirror? Similar concept and seems more up your alley if you aren't a big cycling fan.

    Oddly enough I see a couple of listings a week on our FB group for Pelotona

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    Didn't 2 or 3 members on here order Peletons since the shelter in place order? My best friend is a regular spin class lover and loves using the Peleton at the hotel gym on our annual Palm Desert trip. She has 3 kids ages 2-10 and is going crazy right now in her tiny CA house that is currently under construction (she normally goes to the gym daily). Her mom ordered her a Peleton the first week of the shelter in place order and it should be here in another week or so. She's ecstatic.

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    We have one and it’s well used. We are not cyclists or spin class people. But even pre covid it was used several times a week. It’s kids use it currently my 14 year old uses it more than the 12 year old. I started to use it during covid and dh uses it 2x a week.
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    Default who's considering getting a Peloton now? Or already has one?

    I love, love, love our peloton. I had never done a spin class and had only used an exercise bike at the gym as a last resort when we bought ours, primarily for DH, about 18 months ago. I was hooked immediately. I ride about 3-4x/week. There are lots of instructors with different styles and the app has strength, yoga, running, stretching, and meditation classes which I also like. I use the peloton tread classes with my non-peloton treadmill and they easily translate.

    My teens use the bike more than my exercise-adverse 10-year-old, but she will use it when I make her. She prefers the scenic rides. In her words, she gets ďtoo sweaty.Ē Lol.

    Thereís the whole social media aspect to it too with lots of different FB groups and challenges for accountability.

    So I say go for it, even if you donít currently love spinning. Yes, itís a hefty price tag, but has been well worth the money at our house.

    Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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    Default who's considering getting a Peloton now? Or already has one?

    I would like to get one but we donít have the space for one right now. If I were to get one it would be after we move to our new house. I have friends who love them. I might consider a Peloton clone too.

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    I don't because I don't like spinning. Personally, if I was going that route, I'd get a CAROL bike, but I have a strong preference for HIIT workouts. That being said, I know many with a Peloton and they all love it.

    Peloton is currently running a 90 days free promotion for their app. I'd suggest you just sign up for that right now and try it. You can try their treadmill classes with your current treadmill, and see how you feel about using offbrand equipment with their classes. And get a better overall sense about how you feel about their offerings. Before committing to the whole shebang.

    FYI the main complaint I heard from everyone I know with one is that arranging delivery was a giant PITA. It is apparently very inflexible on dates/times. That being said, while we are all at home, I guess any time works....

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