We just put in EverStrand (It's a CarpetOne line made by Mohawk - we were told it's the same as SmartStrand under a store name) soft carpet in January, and bought a Shark Ultra Rocket vacuum for it. But we're noticing, 4 months later, that we still get a lot of carpet fiber with each vacuum, and the carpet it starting to mat a bit in high traffic areas, like it's dirty. For those with EverStrand SmartStrand or other soft carpets: what vacuum do you use? Is it normal/ok to have carpet fiber with every vacuum?

Right now we're trying a Shark Navigator but if we run it without the beater bar (I guess that's recommended by Mohawk), the Navigator is super hard to push, and I'm not really sure how well it's cleaning b/c we don't see much at all coming into the dust chamber.

We researched the recommended vacuums but the Soniclean that's recommended has a lot of mixed reviews. Anyone have it and if so, what's your experience with it? TIA!