So I’ve been looking & applying locally for a Boxer rescue from rescues and shelters since December. But applied more in further out areas from us since very beginning of March.

And we keep getting passed over due to lack of physical fence, it just isn’t common where we live as homes around here average from 1 to 2 acres of property. Also passed over cuz my youngest kid is only 6 at time of all those applications and now is 6.5, the dogs that fit us are often looking to be placed in homes with older kids. 9 or 12 years old and older. Which is a bummer. But I get and understand why rescues do that. We don’t want to buy as we strongly believe in adopting/rescuing. Buying means its a puppy we would be bringing home and my husband compromise on getting another dog is as long it’s a young dog, not a puppy which I’m of the same belief anyway.

Anyway, I was getting discouraged. And thinking we just have to wait till youngest was bit older, then a rescue contacted me for a 3 year old male boxer. But he’s mixed. Bulloxer is what they call his breed as he is a cross between Boxer and American Bulldog. The foster mom read our application, thinks we’re wonderful candidate and our kids are at the right age, cuz she has kids same age as mine. So it’s known that he is fine with kids this young without any problems. He’s also mellow.

I’m hesitating because I want a boxer, but it’s just not very likely we’ll get one, and the lockdown doesn’t help as many rescues aren’t doing home visits, etc so they’re fostering their dogs longer. I feel like it’s bit silly of me to want a purebred when he’s just still an adorable boxer, albeit mixed. Tell me to get over myself and just adopt this dog? Lol what would you do? Dh is leaving this decision entirely up to me, so no help from him. He is really adorable and a real smush from what the foster mom says about him.

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