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Thread: Dog?

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    I would bet a lot of money that he is part pit. He may be a great dog but unfortunately you have to be prepared for the issues that can come with his breed. I do not agree with it at all but have seen my brother experience many difficulties with his pits. Homeowners insurance is a big one- State Farm does not discriminate against “bully breeds” so there are options but they may not be the best rates. Also HOA, hotels, apartments, dog parks, boarding,’s really an issue in a lot of places. But if you don’t plan to travel with him or board him then it may work for you.

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    I would at least go and visit the dog and see if her works for your family. I would probably inquire about breeds with your insurance and I would probably do your own DNA test if it really bothers you, but honestly I would check him out in person and see how it goes. Good luck.

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    I understand your frustration! We applied at 5 different rescues and the local SPCA while looking for a dog, but it was very hard to find a smaller dog that was OK with cats, kids, and men! We finally lucked out after lots of searching and frequent checking on the rescues Facebook pages.

    Since this was our first dog, I did not want a pit or pit mix, just because I know some insurances have issues with this (DH works in insurance and I had recently been checking rates for homeowners insurance and some companies asked me specifically about certain dog breeds). Also, most of the places around us that had pits would not adopt them out to families with kids, unless they were teens. But, this dog sounds like it does OK with kids. Check with your current insurance, groomer, boarding place, etc. about their policies. If the pit mix is not a problem with them, then I'd go visit and see how the dog interacts with the whole family. I like the idea of doing a temporary foster type situation with the dog, but none of the rescues we looked at offered that option. Good luck!

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    Looks like a cutie. I'm a sucker for blocky heads

    Since you are looking for a boxer and this is a boxer mix, I would at least meet him. Specifically ask how he is with strange dogs both large and small. If you adopt him, I would try hard to have all paperwork list him as boxer mix. Am. bulldogs are less likely to be on banned lists, but it happens. Always refer to him as a boxer mix and leave it at that. You may get people who dont want their kids to be around him. Or who may cross the street when they see you. That never bothered me. I dont think random strangers should be petting my dogs w/o permission anyways.
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    Another pick a dog based on personality rather than breed person. I think you need to meet the dog in person but it is great that he's already in a home with kids. Rescues are usually honest too - they want dog's new homes to work out.

    After losing our pure-bred Springer Spaniel years ago, we were started looking for a rescue lab. We ended up meeting a dog through a friend who managed a vet clinic who was found by a vet tech and living at the clinic. We are unsure what he is, but certainly a pit mix of some sort. He came to spend a trial weekend at our house and never went back. If anyone had told me 6 months earlier that we would have a pit in our house, it would have been a hard no but let me tell you, that dog is now at least 11 years old and SO SO sweet. He's changed my opinion completely on dogs and breeds. He's healthier, and smarter than any pure-bred we've had. I hope your family is able to have a similar experience.
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    I want to smush his sweet block head!!!! Go meet him. I wanted a Golden and got one that was mixed with Border collie or Australian shepherd. He was a good dog and had wayyyy fewer health problems than any purebred dog I have ever known
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    OMG, too cute! Not a romantic, but when it comes to dogs I believe your heart leads you. If you’d heart tells you that’s your dog take it.

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