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    Default Sure Dad. By all means break quarantine and good see my brother...

    Maybe he doesn’t want to freak you out by saying that maybe he came in contact with someone who has covid and thought it would be better to just postpone. Hugs to you. My in-laws seem to favor going to my BILs house vs. coming to my house. They have been to my house a total of 6 times in 15 years. My mIl says it is because we only have one bathroom (they live in an RV for four months out of the year). We don’t get it.

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    It could very well be your father feels neutral about visiting your half-brother and it’s your stepmom driving it. So he may just not be willing to go out of his way for either of you, but will do it to keep the person he lives with everyday happy. I’ve seen this again and again in my friend’s interactions with their parents. There is definitely a sub set of men out there that mostly just want an easy life and expect the woman in their life to handle all their emotional/family stuff. I see it a lot with friends dealing with ill or dying fathers and stepmoms. It took a while for my own dad to make visiting me and my kids a priority. He was always gong to step-grandchildren, which he considered his grandchildren. The favor was not reciprocated until he put his foot down.

    It all sucks, however.

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