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    Default Where can I find pants like this?

    DD1 is extremely picky about pants. She isn't comfortable in leggings, and she hates the feel of real jeans (says they're too stiff and itchy....I was the same way at her age so I sympathize). For several years, the only pants she's worn are these wonderful "jeggings" from Kohls:

    Unfortunately the picture doesn't show the back, but here's the toddler version; the big kid ones are exactly the same:

    It's getting harder and harder to find these for DD1 in the bigger sizes. I'm hoping someone can give me a suggestion of another place that sells similar style pants (not leggings, not jeans) that aren't just sweat pants. I'm not a huge shopper and adding COVID on top of that, I'm trying to avoid visiting a zillion stores to find these -- usually I find a lot of jeans and leggings, with some "active wear" type pants at most stores -- where might I find something like these?

    To describe these/what DD will wear more: elastic waist, stretchy material (these feel like leggings, not khaki's), but with a little more thickness or detailing around the top (pockets, faux fly type stuff) to make them not feel like leggings.

    Thank you!!

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    My DD has pull on Jeggins that are more cotton than denim from Target, Old Navy and Abercrombie.

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    What size is she in? My girls who are very tall and thin at 14 can now wear the Walmart jeggings in size 1 I think? or 1/2 or some such tiny size. They are honestly some of my favorite pants also, just enough structure and just enough stretch. I'll look for the link.
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    I once picked up 1 of every size of pants like that for my boys at Target- Levi's Denizen brand. They were just like that- looked like jeans but comfy like a non-jean. Hey- they still have them! But, the girl options aren't nearly as good (all have button flys).

    Do you think she'd notice if you snuck in some from the boys section? I can't imagine a girl vs boy jean actually looks any different when on! My kids love them.

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    Some possibilities from Target (I've gotten their jeggings in toddler size and they're very soft and stretchy but more substantial than their leggings) (these look the most like what we have, and also come in purple if she wants other colors)
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