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    Default Good brands of trail runners for kids?

    I'm not 100% sure we need trail runners for the trails we're planning on "running" in the next few months. Perhaps athletic shoes would be good enough? I feel like I can afford to buy nice (but on sale!) shoes for me, DH, and DS1 as our feet have all stopped growing! DS2 is still growing for sure. He's 13 and has a size 9 in men's shoes. My two little kids probably don't need particularly nice shoes as they are tiny and definitely still growing! Still, I'd love to find a shoe with a good sole that won't fall apart and will help them learn to enjoy our chosen family activity.

    Any brands you'd like to suggest? We've got from size 12 mens to size 12 kids!

    Thank you!

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    We have Salomans for the boys, bought on sale between 60-100. They are very sturdy and more like runners than hiking shoes. Works well for us and not too expensive. We do hike a lot so they are totally worth it.
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    Whatever Sierra Trading Post is selling for the growing kids--that's what I always did. For the folks who have stopped growing--hit your local running store. You will spend $100 but those shoes will be with you a long time. Or try out Road Runner Sports--their Shoe Dog selection process will help you find a shoe and they do have shoes on sale. (last year's models) I absolutely love my Asics trail shoes and have run trails in them for years. But everyone and every foot is different. I love Merrell for trail hiking boots/shoes. I haven't bought their running shoes.
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