Thank you so much to everyone who posted on the brining thread!! I just looked at my turkey (which has been in the fridge starting yesterday to defrost) and it is pre-basted. Yes, I know I did not make a good choice--I just grabbed a turkey at the grocery store vs. looking for a Fresh turkey or going to Whole Foods. sigh.

I read that you shouldn't brine a prebasted turkey because it already has salt in it, etc. Crap. I would much rather do my own brining etc. So I wanted to go to Williams Sonoma today and get a good brine/flavor. Could I do a brine but not add salt to the mixture?? (which means I have to make my own mix because the WS has salt in it) The WS mix comes with a brine and then a rub mixture as well. Should I just buy the rub mixture?

Did I say in the other thread that I am 55 years old and have never cooked the turkey?????? I have cooked everything else. Just never the turkey. Thanksgiving was my mom's meal. She cooked amazing turkeys. But she never brined them and just got frozen turkeys. She did baste the thing constantly and basically fiddled and watched it etc the whole time it cooked. She even sang to it!! It's at times like these that I really miss her and the fact that she died at 64 and I never got to have her teach me the secrets of the turkey whisperer.