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I just read the Ohio governor decided classroom contacts donít need to quarantine as long as they wore masks and exposure to infected person was in a classroom setting.

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Missouri is doing "modified quarantines" (well some districts, including ours) where close contacts can still go to school/teach/work in school but nowhere else, as long as both the positive person and close contact wore masks. DS1 and most elementary kids don't qualify because generally they eat lunch near their "close contacts"anyway, and preschool isn't going by that either since preschoolers can't be considered reliable with wearing their masks.I am guessing it's mostly an effort to keep teachers working. It only started mid Nov so I'm not sure how much it will help especially after the holidays but I guess we'll see. (One of my coworker's high school son had multiple "modified quarantines" from different people all within the same week so that's...lovely. I pointed out it he wouldn't have kept being exposed again if they had taken people out as a true quarantine...)