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From an online tracking tool (maybe NYtimes?) i saw that there was very few open ICU beds left in our county.
This is what is terrifying to me. This means that heart attacks, strokes, ect. may go without treatment! There are so many reasons that hospitals need to be fully functional with space available BEYOND COVID!!! This is why we need to be careful! It's not just to treat those with COVID, but all the other medical issues that are not going away just because there is a pandemic!

Cancer patients are terrified (not the mention the cancers that are not being discovered)! I have had many friends need surgery and hospitalization this year, it's terrifying! Especially trying to stay with your child or teen (the older teens 18, 19, 20 are even more terrifying since they can deny you access when they are "adults"). If the space and the staff are not available for those who need it, then what???

Stay home... Wear your masks... DO NOT party!