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    Quote Originally Posted by ♥ms.pacman♥ View Post
    From an online tracking tool (maybe NYtimes?) i saw that there was very few open ICU beds left in our county.
    This is what is terrifying to me. This means that heart attacks, strokes, ect. may go without treatment! There are so many reasons that hospitals need to be fully functional with space available BEYOND COVID!!! This is why we need to be careful! It's not just to treat those with COVID, but all the other medical issues that are not going away just because there is a pandemic!

    Cancer patients are terrified (not the mention the cancers that are not being discovered)! I have had many friends need surgery and hospitalization this year, it's terrifying! Especially trying to stay with your child or teen (the older teens 18, 19, 20 are even more terrifying since they can deny you access when they are "adults"). If the space and the staff are not available for those who need it, then what???

    Stay home... Wear your masks... DO NOT party!

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    My 2 high schoolers were invited to a New Years Eve Party that all their high school friends were going to. When they asked if they could go, they knew what question I would ask: will this be outside? Of course not, we live in Wisconsin! It’s going to be everyone crammed indoors. Our kids didn’t go, naturally (and weren’t that disappointed about it.) The hosts of this party have been notoriously vocal about their right not to wear masks. These are the idiots who brag about walking into Walmart without a mask waiting to be challenged. No surprise to find out that their party turned into a super spreader with several kids taking COVID19 home and infecting their family members. 2 of the infected parents are doctors. Why the he11 are people letting their kids go to these events???

    We start school tomorrow and fortunately my kids are virtual learning until Dh and I get the vaccine. I don’t want to deal with their backwards opinions, conspiracy theories or bad life choices. The kids and I hate virtual learning but at least we are sheltered from all the BS.
    "People are made for happiness. Rightly then, you thirst for happiness. Christ has the answer to this desire of yours. But he asks you to trust him." -St. John Paul II

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