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    Default Wide Width Rain boots

    DS just "borrowed" my old pair of rubber rain boots to go shovel snow, and they totally split down the length of the leg and are unusable. They were from Land's End and were always too narrow to wear comfortably for long. Now that we're back in the Midwest where it actually rains, I need to replace them, and honestly, just walking out to the compost pile in our backyard or recycling bin in a foot and a half of snow, I'd rather have knee-high rubber boots than my lower height snow boots. So I want to get some now and not wait until spring!

    But I'm having the hardest time finding wide width boots online that aren't wide calf. Reading reviews, it seems like a lot of them are wider in the calf but still normal width in the foot. My calves and ankles aren't fat--they're actually the only part of me that doesn't look extra wide these covid days. I just have wide feet, particularly at the balls of my feet. I have to wear wide width tennis shoes and pretty much only buy Hotter brand casual shoes anymore because they have a nice, wide toe box. I usually have good luck with wider widths at Nordstrom, but there aren't any coming up on their website right now. What brands should I be looking for? I'm looking for a Hunter or Wellington type style, but I don't care about brands, as long as they're comfortable.
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    I have a pair of kamik Jennifer rain boots, and wide feet, and I find them comfortable:
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    i have resorted to men's sizes (I wear a women's 11 at a minimum) in order to get waterproof boots (rubber isn't very stretchy/forgiving), i have a very high instep as well.
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    Default Wide Width Rain boots

    I went with Hunters. I had a pair of Western Chiefs that barely lasted a year. I am on year three of the Hunters. I have the Original Short model because I have a wide calf as well. I tried Kamik, tall Hunters, and Bogs and all were too narrow in the calf. I bought them in early January from Nordstrom with a price match from Zappos (as Zappos had my size on sale but were out of stock and Nordstrom honored it).

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