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    Default The school board is not staging a coup....

    So, Dad is on the school board back in my home area. He's a 30 year educator. My mom was a 30 year educator. Both of them had parents who served on the school board in their respective areas. All that to say, he cares about education and knows a little about how things work.

    In December, the new member (singular) was instated and the first thing that was done was to fire the superintendent. Note: I don't live there, but I know a few things he's done that has upset the board (most recently, made up a plan for re-entering schools, then went on the news to state that the board voted to re-enter school over his objection when they voted to approve his plan that he presented). Also note, the change was ONE SINGLE member. Basically, the board tipped from barely in favor of him to barely not in favor of him.

    Some people in the system are not happy. The board met again this week & heard the complaints, and left with the firing still in effect. So, now, friends of mine are posting on social media about the COUP that happened in the school board. And I can't say "You idiot" on there because I don't want to be dragged into the fray. But seriously. A coup when the school board votes to fire someone just because you disagree with it? A coup when it took changing ONE member? With the honest to goodness coup attempt that happened less than a week ago in DC, why are people using that phrasing for a completely legal action.
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    That would drive me nuts. It was a vote. Not armed insurrection against the superintendent.

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    You have more self control than me. I don't know if I would be able to not point out how rididulous that is!
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    People get upset with change they didn’t initiate. Don’t let your blood boil about it. It will go away quickly.

    Less than a year ago our board fired a terrible leader that we should have dumped years ago. There was outrage in our small community when it happened and lots of people I know (and know I’m on the board) made public comments about how our board was making terrible decisions. PLEASE. The ship was sinking. He had to go. But he and his family were well-provided for and his replacement is excellent. When everyone saw how great the new guy is, they quieted down reasonably quickly.
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