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    Default S/O ski layers for kids

    Thanks so much for helping me figure out my layers. Would you please help me figure out kids’ layers. DC wear 32 degrees base layers from Costco. They both wear thin sweatshirts then their ski coats. They hate the layers and the bulk. Any tips on warm, thin layers to add? Links to examples would be great. TÍA
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    I used to buy the cotton long underwear from Target and still have some for Ds3 that his older brothers have passed down in the old Circe and C9 brands. The older brothers (17 & 15) wear either soft, thin wool long underwear from Lands End (the wool ones are no longer on their website) or stretchy polyester stuff from Kohl’s.
    My older teens like this mid weight base layer: and

    For a heavier layer:,44967

    my 13yo dd likes the plush cuddleduds: and the matching leggings which seem to be sold out.

    I just asked the kids and they said they sometimes wear sweatpants over their long underwear and under their snow pants but only when it’s really cold. Generally they wear only their ski pants over their long underwear layer. They don’t tuck ANYTHING even their long underwear into their ski boots so as not to hurt their shins. They pull up their long underwear. The only thing in their ski boots are their socks. The twins prefer Target Thermal socks for skiing because they are really long and fuzzy. Unfortunately I can usually only find these in the fall and can’t find a link to them now. I buy a ton in the fall of different sizes and they last several years. My 17yo says the crew smart wool and darn toughs don’t bother his shins and he wears these even when not skiing:

    DS2 asked for high-wool content, knee-high ski socks because he says the shorter ones bother him in his boots. The knee high ones are much more expensive than the wool crew socks that we wear so I only got him a few pairs and gave them as a Christmas gift. Man kids are expensive.

    My kids live in zip neck fleeces. My twins still wear Target sizes but my older 2 are now in Lands End zipneck fleeces. I personally think zip-necks are hot and so bought them the full-zip fleeces to try but they didn’t like them and didn’t wear them. 3 of my kids wear a zipneck fleece over their long-underwear top and under their bib straps. Ds3, wears no fleece layer. He either wears just a tshirt under his winter coat or just his long-sleeve long underwear top. He says a fleece layer usually makes him hot except for the very coldest days.

    For the 13yo twins I buy the Lands End squall expedition ski pants and coats. They also use these for playing in the snow at home and are very warm. They only don’t work in the wettest, slushiest snow. Now that they aren’t getting their hands wet as often, I just buy the Lands end squall expedition gloves too which are fine. But when they were first learning to ski, we bought them better quality gloves so their hands were warmer and less wet from falling in the snow. Dh bought them at the shops at the ski lodges. The older boys now buy their own ski coats and pants. Ds1 who is 17 wears DH’s old cast offs because they fit and he doesn’t care but DS2 is more particular about how he looks so he works some deal with DH to get higher end gear. I think they watch for deals and order those and their helmets and goggles off the internet.
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    I layer DD's like so:

    (1) C9 base layer with medium-length socks underneath the pants; the shirt has thumb-holes, which are a godsend for keeping the sleeves smooth
    (2) over the pant-cuffs, we layer longer socks, followed by leggings and a l/s t-shirt
    (3) over this layer, we've been using jeggings and a sweatshirt; over the jegging cuffs, we use adult-sized long socks, which helps keep everything in place & makes wearing boots easier.

    She borrows my hiking boots and tops everything with her coat.

    Would your boys wear running tights, OP?

    I wish she had ski pants, but we forgot to order them over winter break!
    DD (3/2010)

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    My kids like the Hot Chilis base layers the best. They aren't compression and they aren't itchy. They wear those top and bottom and a pair of Smartwool ski socks. They each have a thin fleece 1/4 zip, a thicker fleece 1/4 zip, a thin down puffy vest (DD wears this alot and the boys almost never do for skiing) and a light puffer (like a Patagonia down sweater although they all have different ones). Brands we've liked for these are REI, Kuhl, Patagonia, North Face, Marmot. Depending on the temp, they choose 1 or 2 of those as a mid-layer. The boys almost always just wear one of the fleeces unless it is crazy cold (less than 10 air temp). DD runs colder and she often layers a fleece with the vest or puffer if it is less than 20 air temp or if its windy. Then ski pants and their ski coat. All three kids have insulated shells - not heavy insulation but not just a weather shell. Then they each wear a buff (most of ours are the thinner pull on tubes, not fleece, but DD just got one of the over the head face mask ones of the same brand at Christmas and really liked that for pandemic skiing), helmet and goggles and gloves (usually with warmers in them although DS2 almost never puts his in his gloves - he just keeps a set in his pocket in case).

    This set up works for us in 0-35 degree weather. We lose the mid layer, buffs and hand warmers for spring skiing above 35.

    ETA: I just got DD a pair of fleece lined bottoms as an alternate base layer for super cold days. I have a pair too - they are Arcteryx and I can only wear them if it is in the teens or less or I'm too warm, but they are fantastic for keeping my legs warmer on the lifts if it is super chilly. My normal base layer is Lulu wunderunder crops for 20+. DD said they were a game changer for her on the colder days as she was the only kid who said her legs were cold.
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    My kids wear some variety of the following:

    32 degrees base layers from Costco
    Burton fleece base layers (
    LLBean mountain fleece pants (
    Patagonia fleece snap pullover (got these on super sale, any brand would do)
    Down sweater type jacket (old insert from last year's Costco jackets)
    Columbia down vest
    Smartwool socks (these last and can be handed down)
    They each have a few pairs of gloves (Burton and TNF), so they can switch out if they get wet.
    Under helmet balaclava or over helmet hood
    Patagonia jacket/pants (got lucky w sale this year, wouldn't pay full price on kids' stuff otherwise probably)
    Both like Happy masks instead of a buff (

    They don't wear all that every day, and my son in particular likes to make his own choices. I require that they wear ski socks, base layer, and the outwear, they can choose the inner layers themselves though I give them advice about the weather and what I am choosing to wear. My DD is more likely to listen than DS. He's been chilly a few times so may be learning though.
    DS- 8/11
    DD- 5/14

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