DS has always been somewhat of a picky eater. I have been trying to wean back how much I cater to him and his tastes when I make dinner. If he chooses not to eat dinner, he gets a side and fruit for dessert. (ex last night I made pumpkin white bean chili with cornbread and salad. DS ate cornbread and had strawberries for dessert).

But now he's waking up hungry in the morning and eating larger breakfasts. Usually, they are all just sugar. He can eat 4 bowls of sugary cereal, or 3 slices of toast w Nutella. I can't get him interested in anything to do with eggs for breakfast, though he sometimes will eat them for dinner on a night he doesn't like the main dish.

I've tried Greek yogurt mixed with jelly and/or cereal. This is ok but he goes back to the sugar cereal after a day or two. I've tried Kodiak protein waffles, which are the same. I've tried replacing the Nutella with PB, but he only will eat Jif/Skippy kind, not the natural PB that doesn't have sugar. I've tried making blueberry muffins but he will usually eat one followed by 3 bowls of cereal. He doesn't like plain oatmeal with maple syrup, he only likes the instant packets which are also filled with sugar.

I can't quit buying cereal, much as I'd like to, because that's what DH eats for breakfast every single morning.

Thoughts? Help? Commiseration?