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    Quote Originally Posted by Gracemom View Post
    Thanks for all the feedback. We are making a list of all the things that will be different this year and will have a family meeting to make a decision. My dd is starting college in the fall and I need to remember she’s not going to be gone forever. We will still have more family vacations. ��
    I'm 38 and have a family vacation with one or both of my parents (my mom and I sometimes vacation together without the rest of the family) almost every year. We've definitely had more and better family vacations since I started college than we did when I was younger. When I was in college and just starting out my parents paid for most/all of it, but now that I have a decent income sometimes they still pay for most of it, sometimes we split it evenly and occasionally I pay for more things. We've also gone on 3 cruises with both my parents and my in-laws and some other family members.
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    I know this post is 3 weeks old, but we just booked a couple days for next month. We know it will be very different, but this is nowhere near our first time going, and it worked out that we can go with our best friends, so the kids are super excited. They are all 12+, though, so they are over character meet and greets, donít care much about normal parades, have seen the fireworks and shows, and understand we just need to be grateful for what we CAN do. I think for us it will be the little things that we miss most - the stretching room in the Haunted Mansion and other pre-show stuff that might not be happening, favorite restaurants being closed, etc. We were there last year when the world shut down, so this will be a very different trip. The kids are used to wearing masks all day at school, so that will probably be harder for the adults who have been working from home this whole time! I wouldnít even consider going if this was our first trip, but Iím so happy to have something to look forward to. Forgot to mention that we all just got over Covid, so we feel safer about traveling right now, although we realize there are many variants that could still be an issue. Itís just nice to have a small semblance of normalcy in what has been a crazy, frustrating, sad, and disappointing year in so many ways.

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