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    Default House siding options - HardiePlank (Cement Fiber) vs. Everlast composite?

    I am looking for opinions on HardiePlank (Cement Fiber) vs. Everlast composite siding to replace wood clapboards on a house. If you have used either one, what do you think of it? How has it help up? What were the installation problems? Would you recommend to a friend?
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    I am interested also, I want cement fiber, DH wants cedar for the new room.

    My Dad had the Hardieplank on his old house and they were pretty awesome, he did not have the ones with the woodgrain impressed on them, he had the plain ones. They looked real to me- more real than the ones with fake woodgrain. They also painted well. I only visited him there a few times a year, so I don't know what they were like day to day. He never had to repaint and the house always looked nice on the outside.

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    We have hardieplank. It was on the house when we moved in.

    When we went to insure the house, we were shocked at how reasonable our insurance prices were. The agent looked at the specs and said, "it's because of your siding: bugs don't eat it, super durable to water and fire... lasts forever." I had no idea. We've had no issues with it, but did need to buy a better bit when drilling into it to put up some decorations. It holds paint well.

    There are a few different installation methods, you'll want to check with an approved installer to know what is right for your area. Ours has a unique installation due to some climate specific needs.

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