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    OP here. We live in what's called a "forest reserve". 100+ year old trees with limited logging, replant requirements and no hunting/wildlife refuge. There are 220 - 20 acre lots with dirt and gravel roads with little or no road signs. It's fairly easy to find the reserve gate, but then we have miles of dirt road to the house.

    For the most part, we love it here. No worries about funky development or neighbor problems - we're too far apart. There are fairly strict rules about set-backs, so we don't generally see our neighbors. We have daily visits from deer, bunnies, and tons of birds. Occasional raccoons, eagles, hawks, and we've seen elk, black bear, and even tracks from a cougar (though we didn't get to see the cougar). There are negative things, too - we have to be very careful with our trash or we can attract raccoon/opossum attention, we have to be very careful with pets. A recent severe wind and snowstorm knocked out power for five days and two huge trees across our access road that we had to go out in the storm and chainsaw/haul out of the road. We are without power perhaps twenty or thirty days a year, as we are "end of the line" when power is out. We have electric, landline phone and crappy internet, but no gas, water, cell phone coverage, sewer, or mail delivery. Oh, no school bus either - just to the gate.

    For us, we're happy here, though there are disadvantages being so far from "civilization".
    Sounds like heaven.
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    We really love it - until we have to leave it! 45min or so to the grocery store sucks at times.

    Yes, we have a generator. It was part of the original build, so it's hard-wired in and turns on automatically when we're without power for more than 30 seconds. Turns off automatically, too. It's a twenty KW Generac brand. It comes from the factory able to do diesel or propane; we have a 500 gallon propane tank and it is a direct draw. (Meaning we don't have to fill the generator.) It's enough to run all of the basics - lights, fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, hood (cooktop is propane) and about half the power outlets in the house. Then it has enough extra to run furnace, dishwasher, OR clothes washer on top of that. (water heater and clothes dryer are propane.) We run the wood stove all fall & winter as well. But we love our generator! We did get a whole-house surge protector as well, since we have power issues so often and so many things like dishwasher, laundry machines ect have sensitive electronics.

    Feel free to ask if you have further questions, though it may take a couple of days to get back to you.

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