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    Default Bigfoots and Littlefoots - Rothy's final sale

    If you know your Rothy's size (and sizing can be super tricky), and have a large or small foot (12+ and <6) then there are still many options available on Rothy's final sale (which they've never done before) for prices that they've never had before. Be sure you are going to the official Rothy's website.

    Be sure you KNOW your size, unless you want to risk having to re-sell, because this is final sale, no exchanges.

    I bought a pair of red botanicamo Points early on on the sale and they are FABULOUS (and after YEARS I finally realize my Rothy's size).

    For those willing to risk it but new to Rothy's, in general a size 12 Point will be equivalent to a street size 11, or a street size 10.5 if you have a wide foot, or a street size 10 if your foot is really wide.

    Sneakers - usually 1/2 size up from your street size. If you have a narrow foot - use your street size. If you have a wide foot, go for 1/2 to 1 whole size up from street size and go for the ivory soled sneakers (not the white soles)

    Flats - usually 1/2-1 whole size up from your street size. 1-1.5 if you have a wide/really wide foot

    Loafers - usually 1/2-1 whole size up from your street size (1 whole size if you have a wide foot. 1.5 up if you have a really wide foot.

    Unsure about sandals or Mary Janes.

    My street size is 8, I have a wide (but not super wide) foot, and my Rothy's sizes are:
    Points: 9 - 9.5 (some colors run snug). Rule of thumb - you want them to feel LOOSE but not flop off as you walk up the stairs.
    Loafers: 9 (my most comfy style, these are underrated and THE BEST)
    Sneakers: 8.5 ivory sole only and sneakers aren't the greatest for wider feet
    Flats: 9 but flats aren't my favorite

    Too big (can use thicker insoles to fix) is better than too small (cannot be fixed and Rothys tend to shrink a bit over time even with good care).
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