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    Default Kohl's Backpack clearance

    I saw a post about this on facebook. It seems like Kohls has some good prices on clearance backpacks. I'm not sure if the 20% off stacks too...but if you are in the market for a backpack it might be worth a look?

    clearance backpacks | Kohl's

    Edit to add....not sure that link works. Search clearance backpacks and it should bring up a bunch
    like this jansport

    JanSport Big Student Backpack (
    DD 7/07
    DS1 9/09
    DS2 7/13

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    Thank you! I need a backpack for work.

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    Thanks! My girls probably won’t need them for next year as their current ones are still in great shape, but for those prices I may let them each pick one for future use. Which would be better for high school use (and transporting a chromebook in a case), the Big Student or Cool Student? Are the ones with leather bottom machine washable?

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    Wow, there was some excellent deals in here! DD's been limping along with a ripping backpack right now -- we were aiming to get through the school year and find some good back to school sales, but now she's getting a new one now!

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